POSTED 4-29-21
Dear 40 Man Team Owner,

The moment is almost here for the start of our 4 40 Man Leagues.
I will do the final checks tonight around 900 EST and start opening the league's up for play.

A couple of things to think about.
Everyone plays everyone 3 games.
In which case there is a schedule to play you games located on the league website:
Please check your league schedule by going to the 40 Man Drop down list and select your league's schedule.
In addition this link will be posted in the topic of the groupme chat.
You play when you want to play, we do not play at set times.
Come into the chat and ask for a game whenever you're free to play.
Your pitcher's energy is crucial in game and from game to game.
Think ahead to when warming up relievers, if you wait too long your pitcher will be out of energy, or your reliever will be not ready to come in.
The playoffs will have 8 teams from each league with the World series winner and in some leagues the runner up advancing up a league next season.
In most cases the teams that finish 9th or 10th will drop a league next season.
Leagues 2, 3, and 4 have a mixture of players fairly close in game skills.
After a season or 2 we will start getting a better idea of what each player's skills are and make the players in each league closer in ability.
I have pretty high morals when it comes to people playing any type of competition.
Good Game GG, Good Luck GL all have a purpose.
If a player screws up and does something against the rules do not lose your minds.
Each league has at least 2 Admins that can fix any situation.
One thing that I cannot stand is quitting.
Play the game out be a man, if you win so be it when you lose take your losses like a man and come back fighting the next game.

I suggest at least one person stream the game if possible.
I know sometimes the connection could be weak then do not stream it.
Post a link in the chat and post them in NHL people will watch.
If you put MOBL League Game in the description people will watch.
I will be available after 9 EST for any of your questions.



    LEAGUE 1      
  RyanS4 BigPoppa1997- NYY L1  
  A-Steffan Canuckxx89 TOR L1  
  Tyler D GPfire120 ATL L1  
  Shane R Squeegydingers87 PIT L1  
  Nick C Sticky_icky7844 CHW L1  
  A-Steve C Vaderd2k NYY L1  
  Ricky M XxR2D2x LAD L1  
  JimmyC Jimboc96 NYM L1  
  Jamie S WunderwafflerDGK BOS L1  
  A-Trev Trevipapp SD L1  
    LEAGUE 2      
  Alex D Adeegan30 ATL L2  
  A-Justin P Semp3rJuggal0 STL L2  
  Justice Stice1219 MIN L2  
  Nick K Lalaland2008 SD L2  
  Justin F Lxfreniere13 NYM L2  
  Jon M Mayerofnyc NYY L2  
  Todd C Beleafs67 PHI L2  
  A-Brent Seawolf3068 LAD L2  
  Dakota Inkgonewild34 TOR L2  
  A-Trev Trevipapp CHW L2  
    LEAGUE 3      
  A-Michael H Whitefish254 ATL L3  
  Evan G Evangreen89 CHW L3  
  Sebastien MagicBird77 SD L3  
  Jackson U Bluedevil44120 TB L3  
  Gavin S G-funk2000 LAD L3  
  Tyler L Lanzo091 LAA L3  
  A-TrevorM Showtime2727 NYY L3  
  Bryan M MajorVag TOR L3  
  Matt L HerkyState59 CHC L3  
  A-Trev Trevipapp NYM L3  
    LEAGUE 4      
  GregD Gregdei CIN L4  
  Michael G Hulksmash8649 TOR L4  
  Jesse G WimpCow LAD L4  
  A-Josh W Wrexhamseadogs BOS L4  
  Matthew O Kvng_matt29 HOU L4  
  Lucas G Regretzky15 OAK L4  
  Jay C JC_toofly23 NYM L4  
  Johnny C JohnnyBannanas NYY L4  
  A-GeneV Lipunx SD L4  
  Michael S3 Mikeyboy1317 MIN L4  
  A-Trev Trevipapp ATL L4  
POSTED 4-26-21
Dear MOBL Players,
The draft has taken place as we will begin opening up our first 4 leagues.
The link to the DRAFT BOARD FOR L1 L2 L3 & L4 are posted on the
I requested player profiles and draft lists from everyone via email and posts to the chat.
Unfortunately some people didn't respond.
I can still add you in,  if you do not see your name on the draft boards, you must Message me on Groupme ASAP.
A few things have to be done before we can start playing which will take a day or 2 to accomplish.
Hopefully SDS gets their act together with the Servers.
1-Player Name Changes.
In the Groupme chat please change your name in the following manner.
I am a stickler so everyone's names are in line.
If I was the NY Yankees in League 1 my name would look as follows:
The team abbreviation is listed on the draft board.
Your PSN should follow the team abbreviation.
First name last initial at the end.
2-Custom League Invites On The Play Station/Schedules
Monday night 4/26 at 10 EST I will start sending invitations to claim your drafted team.
Once all the invitations are accepted, and players select their teams, you will receive the league schedule.
As you know we are playing 3 games against each other so a home and away schedule must be followed.
A link will be posted for it shortly before play begins.
3-Each league will have 2 Admins that will be able to reset games if I am not around.
In addition I am in all 4 leagues only to hold teams for some late players that will be coming in. 
I will be participating in League 2 though.
We have run these leagues for a while and there is a step by step process to get them up and running.
Your cooperation is a must.
More information will be sent out over the next 2 days please stay alert to the chat and email.

Dear MOBL,

If you receiving this email you are in the playoffs for your individual league.

You will be receiving an invite to rejoin the league as soon as the leagues are reset for the playoffs reclaim your team.

Each league has a slightly different playoff setup

Some have 1st round play ins due to ties or active people that tried to play and could not.

Play in matchups is a best of 3 in both L2 and L3.

Best Of 7 is 2-2-1-1-1 Home/Away

Play In is 1-1-1

L1 Matchups 1st Round Best of 7






L2 Matchups




1st Round Best of 7





1st Round Best of 7

L3 Matchups 



1st Round Best of 7





Look for your invite by tomorrow morning.


POSTED 6-14-20

Dear MOBL Team Owner,

Setting a deadline for all leagues of Sunday July 12th to finish season for all leagues.

I see some people have not played or played just a couple of games they will be receiving emails tomorrow if they do not step up.

I will replace them.

All stats have been saved on the website and all players from Season 3 have had their individual member history pages updated.

The record book and team archives can be viewed at the following link    MOBL RECORD AND ARCHIVES LINK

Member pages can be viewed at MOBL MEMBERS PAGES

That's it for now time to get in gear men.



Posted 3-2-20


An unbelievable regular season has just been completed!

Now the fun starts.

Who will be the Season 2 MOBL World Series Champion?


Here is all the information you need  to start playing your playoff matches.

First Round Games are a do or die best of 3.

Second and Third Round Games are a best of 5.

League Championship and MOBL World Series are a best of 7.

We need to play this quickly.

Like super quick.

All first round play in matches should be played in the next 2 days.

Any second round match ups that are set should start immediately.

Get a hold of your opponents ASAP.


Just like the regular season you are to use a 4 or 5 man starting pitching rotation.

All rotations start fresh for the playoffs, there is no carry over from the regular season.

If you make it to round 2 the rotation does not reboot it continues.

Rotations will be recorded on your team pages.


The same game stats report is to be used for the playoffs



Unlike the regular season there are 2 team pages 1 each for the American and National Leagues



The Team Stats Page has another link also



I have what I think is a pretty good plan for Season 3 due to the fact that San Diego Studios is bringing back a slim downed version of Online Leagues.

Wednesday night at 1000 PM EST I will introduce the method to the group.

There will be leagues using the 40 man rosters and leagues for all you Diamond Dynasty lovers.

That is it for now get playing men.

I cannot tell you how important it is that we whip through this playoff the new game comes out for early release in 9 days, full release in 13.

Any questions please ask.


Posted 2-27-20

Dear MOBL Team Owner,


Season 2 will officially end Sunday night at 1159 Pacific Standard Time.

I have added 1 additional day till Sunday.


The new game early release date is March 13th.

Today we are supposed to hear the exact details from San Diego Studios how the online leagues will work.

Season 3 will be fun and exciting, but I do want to establish one thing going forward.

Some of you have done an outstanding job getting your games played and managing 2 teams.

Some have done alright.

A couple not so good.

Going forward I am not sure what the system will allow us to do with the Online Leagues but I do know this:

Activity and will be the most important factor going forward.

I have many applications for people to play from our Madden and NHL groups.

No doubt a % of these people will wash out and quit hopefully it is a low %, but the history of online leagues are that people disappear or quit because they cant handle losing. Our NHL leagues have grown to 8 leagues now because we screen and weed out these types.

The same will hold true for the MOBL.

So if your not going to be actively playing your not going to be in the group.

I have watched everyone improve at the game this year, and no doubt there will be a break in period to figure things out when MLB 21 is released.


As stated earlier for every game not played you will lose 1/2 game in the standings, just as we did last season.

That being said you have 4 days to pump out as many games as you can.

For every un-played game played it will decrease your un-played games by 1/2 game in the standings.

I have posted on the standings page enhanced standings as of this morning with 1st round play in matchups.


These could change dramatically if you are actively getting games these last 4 days or inactive.

It is very easy to be bounced into the play in brackets a dicey best of 3.

Second round matchups will be a best of 5 up until the World Series which will be a Best of 7

We have a very short window to get the games played like 3 days per series maximum.

People that are AWOL will be disqualified so make sure you have set times to play and to play the entire series not 1 game then cya later.

The final playoff pairings will be posted Sunday night as soon as they are posted any play in series may begin.

Ask any questions you may have all I can say is play your asses off these last 4 days boys.



POSTED 2-23-20


I want to thank all of you that have taken part in season 2.

I think we have a great core group here going forward and hopefully when San Diego Studios announces what they are doing with online leagues we will have a clearer outlook on what we will do next season.

I have over 100 registration form for MLB so I am sure an additional 30 some people will join our group so we can set up 2 leagues.

As far as this season goes, the season will end Saturday 2-29 night.

Playoffs will begin Sunday.

Like last season any un played game will cost you 1/2 game in the standings so try to pump as many as you can out this last week.

I will be available as now that hockey is set up I have much ore time for MLB.

We have a great group of guys here and I look forward to the growth we will have going forward.


Posted 1-9-20

The season will officially end on February 22nd at 1159 PST.

That leaves 44 days to get as many games in as you can.

The playoffs will begin immediately the next day on the 23rd.

The MLB 21 release date is March 17th.

The outlook for next season is as follows:

The website is getting a total redesign by our web developer Alex.

All stats entered will automatically update for each team as soon as you enter your stats.

There will be 2 leagues next season of Franchise/Versus.

One for above average or elite players, another for casual or average players.

In addition there will be a Diamond Dynasty Group.

I went through all of the forms of people hat have joined our NHL Leagues and have 117 people that play MLB alone there.

If 40 of those join we will be in good shape.

In addition the Play Station MLB community continues to grow and will always be a feeder system of new blood to the group.

If San Diego Studios drops the MLB17 servers like they did with the MLB 16 servers when 19 was released we will be off the charts busy for 20.

The outlook is bright for the MOBL.

Most of you were here from the start and I appreciate you being here greatly.

Lets wrap up this season with alot of activity and have a great playoff next month.




Posted December 12, 2019


We have two new fellows to the group.

Sky and Josh W.

Both are energetic and ready to play.

Everyone needs to start pumping out games, as we are looking at mid February for a season end.

An exact date will be posted in January.

You need to be very active now as the Xmas, Hanukkah, and Festivius holidays approach.

No longer will a game a week be sufficient.

So lets get in the chat and out of Diamond Dynasty as we want to finish this season strong.

We have tested this system out and it works great, but activity in any online video game league is always the key.

I expect the MLB 17 servers to drop this year as MLB 16 dropped last year.

Of course we are all keeping our fingers crossed The Show adds back in Franchise online play but the chances of that are slim and none.

So I am looking for an explosion in our group and we will be doing what we did in NHL, setting players in leagues based on game play ability.

The superstars in one league and the average guys in another.

So lets go now and get playing.


Posted October 26th, 2019

Dear MOBL Team Owners,

Congratulations to Jason The Season 1 MOBL World Series Champions defeating the powerhouse Yankees and Steve C 4 games to 2.

Season 2 as you all know is underway.

Now that season 1 has been completed its time to turn up the game play and lets get some games rolling.

Players that have been in the league at the start of the season should be somewhere around the 20 games mark right now, give or take a few.

If your not, its time to get rolling, and actively look for games.

My goal is to have a deadline of the end of the year for the regular season then a month of playoffs in January.

MLB 21 is scheduled to be released mid March so that will give everyone a little off period for a few weeks.

Of course we are all hoping they put the Franchise mode back in for MLB 21 but I think it is very doubtful.

I am hoping to expand things to a Diamond Dynasty League also, in addition to our current group.

If the MLB 17 servers drop which I have been told should happen I am thinking we will be able to support 2 leagues.

The MLB 16 servers were dropped when MLB 21 was released, so rumor has it MLB 17 will be gone when MLB 21 is released.

We will see and play it as it happens.



Dear League Owners,

I have moved the draft onward, we await the Cubs Rockies Series with Cubs up 3-0.

I am going out on a limb that the Cubs will advance, but we will see stranger things have happened.

In regards to this Nick the Cubs owner has been available pretty much for 2 weeks, as Rob has had some things he is dealing with.

We have gotten to the point of the time it will take me to set up the site with the schedule for season 2 is way past the time I have available the next week to do so. That being said I have posted the schedule of the draft for next season.


Please private message me your picks and I will try to update the server as fast as I can, in addition make your pick announced in the chatroom.

Thanks guys if any questions please ask.


Sent 9-7-19

Dear MOBL Owner,


Not sure what you guys think but most of the games and series have been great.

Some really exciting games and a lot of the series have gone to the max.

As we grow going forward I think things will be much more exciting, remember we are in still in our infancy, and MLB play starts to ease as Madden, NHL, and the new FIFA games are released.

I am confident the MOBL will be an established group going forward.


The playoffs are moving. I can only put it as slowly but I am able to put together a preliminary draft list.

What I am going to do is do what we do in our NHL Leagues.

That being once the final 4 is set the draft will be based on regular season team record for the final 4 participants.

All other team drafts are based on your team record in the regular season and when you were eliminated in the playoffs.

So we await the Astros/Yankees series and the Cubs/Rockies series to finish hopefully by this weekend for the full draft.

For players that had 2 teams last season I used the team they had their worst record with as a reward for double dipping.

This season once everyone selects a team we will allow others to select a second team if they wish to do so in the opposite league if they are available.

Here is the current DRAFT LIST LINK

Please private message me on Groupme with your selection as players select teams.

If you have any questions regarding the draft please ask.


We will kick off our DD play with a tournament on October 1st.

If you wish to participate in the first MOBL DD Tournament please reply to this email.

That's it for now kids.





It was a very good first season and a good learning experience for me for what works and what doesn't work going forward.

The playoff brackets are posted.


There was a couple of ties even after using the 1/2 games played deduction for unplayed games.

The tie breaker was head to head, followed by higher win/loss %.

1st round or 2nd round(If Match up is set) playoffs may begin.

All rules are in place from the regular season including pitching rotation.

1st round games are a best of 5 with higher seed home for games 1-2 and 5 if necessary.

2nd round games are a best of 7 with higher seed home for games 1-2-5 &7

Please send me a private message on Groupme if you want to play season 2.

Changes will be a shorter schedule, and we will vote if we should change the settings to Hall of Fame from All Star.

Please message me with your thoughts and comments.

Good luck in the playoffs.




Dear MOBL Owners,

The end of the season for the MOBL is this Sunday night at 1159 EST.

Playoff brackets will begin the next day Monday.

Once again I would like to review a few things and update you to where we are at.


As stated previously each player that was in the season at the start of the season must have 50 games played minimum to be playoff eligible with a 1/2 game penalty in the games back column for every game not played at the 68 games played level.

For players added late in the season there will be some adjustments made to this minimum, based on an individual basis.

So 4 days to get your games in!



Dear MOBL Team Owner,

We are nearing the end of the season for the MOBL.

Once again I would like to review a few things and update you to where we are at.

The season slated to end on August 7th will be extended through that weekend to Sunday night the 11th due to a couple of reasons.

My hospitalization has slowed me down a bit and I understand the NHL Beta is out and people are trying out that game as avid players.

As stated previously each player must have 50 games played minimum to be playoff eligible with a 1/2 game penalty in the games back column for every game not played at the 68 games played level.

For players added late in the season there will be some adjustments made to this minimum, based on an individual basis.

For players here the majority of the season this rule holds true.

The Cleveland owner Walt became unresponsive to requests to communicate and in keeping with the Leaguesonline Leagues rules, when people do this or go into what we call Ghost mode, and fail to respond to numerous messages on the play station and they are on the console, groupme messages, and emails they get removed.

All players who had un-played games with Cleveland got wins for the games.

I have been delayed setting up the Diamond Dynasty Mode as my web guy is on vacation for another week in Slovakia. Once he returns I will get it set up.


Thats it for now get playing kids 2 weeks from today season ends.




I have come up with the formula for the end of the season playoffs,

The season will end in roughly 30 days on August 7th at 1159 PST.

Minimum of games played to be playoff eligible 50 games.

For every game not played between 50 and 66 you will lose 1/2 game in the standings per game not played.

I talked this over with Steve and he agrees its fair to all.

I will be looking at each and every player in the league this next week and to be honest with you all anyone not active will be getting the boot.

If worse comes to worse I will have players double up with teams 1 in each league.

So this is where we are at.



I am getting ready to set a deadline for season end next weekend.

Please amp up your activity.

I have many registrations forms on hold from the PS Community.

The goal is to open a second league where we can separate people by ability to make the games more fun and closer contests.

Once the playoffs are set we can pretty much open up league 2.


I want to review the playoff format so everyone is aware how the playoffs work.

1- All teams make the playoffs.

2- Top 4 teams in each league get a first round bye.

3-Bottom 8 will square off in a best of 5 playoffs.

Rotations for the winners of the bottom 8 will carry over to their first round matchups against the top 4.

4-All series from that point on will be a best of 7 and rotations will carry on from series to series.

Any questions please ask.


SENT 6-11-19


I am very happy so far with the way the MOBL is going.

Now I want to explain the next steps and time frame with where we are going.

If you are receiving this email you are sill considered a part of our group.

Some of you receiving this email had to abandon your league teams, due to real life issues, or you were just not ready to play in a competitive league yet , and that is understandable to me.

You will be able to play in our new Rated Random League (RRL).

Please read this email so you understand the reasoning for the new Website Design, and How the RRL works.


What you see now is just the shell of our new MOBL website.

Please point out to me any broken links or pics that are not showing that you may come across.

The Versus 1vs1 League is now designated name as Franchise League.

The site is built around drop down boxes for each mode of play.

Each main area is listed Franchise, Rated Random, and upcoming Diamond Dynasty Group.

With the exception our Franchise Leagues it will be slow growth as any recruiting from the community will be held to a minimum the next 2 weeks.


Basically you all understand how our Franchise League works.

All teams make the playoffs. Draft new teams at the end of the season.

The long term plan here is to establish a second group so we can have players matched by abilities better.

Currently I am looking at establishing a deadline for this current season.

Once the groups NHL regular season ends this Thursday night I will have a good view and will discuss it with the group.


I am shooting around July 1 to open this league up where you will be able to pit your DD team head to head against other MOBL members.

DD is very popular mode of play in MLB. People that play DD will probably join our Franchise or play RRL also and requires limited amount of work for me so I look forward to adding it to our 3 type of league play.

This way we will be rounding things out in a model similar to the NHL group.


The MLB RRL wil have the same purpose as our NHL RRL.

#1 It is a league where you are ranked by amount of games played and an Individual Rating that will change up or down based on your opponents Rating.

Everyone starts at a 1500 rating.

#2 It is a league. 

The season is about 1/2 of a regular season so the RRL will continue on for awhile.

The schedule is listed with each starting pitcher for each team listed.

When 2 people agree to play a game we always play the next open game on the schedule.

The game gets Randomized to determine who is what team, the game takes place and all thats put into the report is who played and the score.

Every game played will count in the standings for the team you played with. 

Every regular season game you could be playing with a different team.

There will be a playoff, using the same format that the real MLB uses.

Once the RRL playoffs begin there will be a draft based of teams.

When a team is drafted the player drafting them will use that team throughout the playoffs.

To qualify to draft a team the following procedure will be used:

3 Division winners from each league and 4 wild card teams equals 10 teams total.

The 6 players with the most games played during the season will select 1 of the 6 division winners for the playoffs.

The 4 wild card teams will come from any other league members outside of the top 6 that qualify from a special play in tournament.

Once the playoffs are complete we will roll into season 2.

#3 Having a MLB RRL will allow us to also have a means of teaching new people to MLB league play how it is played.

It will also allow us to evaluate people as to which Franchise League they are placed in based on their game play ability.

In addition, it allows 2 people to play a game and work on their game play ability.

So here is a step by step process of playing a MLB RRL game.

1- Two people agree to play a game.

2-They look on the RRL spreadsheet and see what is the next game to be played and what the starting pitchers are.

Here is a link to the RRL spreadsheet, you will be receiving an email soon allowing you access to the spreadsheets.

MLB RRL Spreadsheet

If using your phone (especially Apple Phones) you may need to download the Free App called Google Sheets.

Once this is done and you need help editing just ask.

All player names on the google sheets is by PSN.

3-Then one of the players will go on the MOBL Random Website and input the information into the Game Randomizer to determine who is what team.

Rated Random League Game Randomizer

When inputting names here regular names is fine like Player 1 Trev    Player 2 Steve

After clicking Generate the results will post below the generator.

Paste a screenshot in the room for your opponent to see.


We do this so the next 2 people will not dupe and play the same game.

5-Once the game is complete the winner should enter the score.

6-Wins and losses for the team you used will be totaled to their standings, your individual rating will be updated, and your wins, losses, runs for and against.

At the end of the playoffs the MOBL Series Champion will receive a $50 PSN card, Runner Up a $20 card.


Play as much or as little as you wish.

Playing as a top 6 games played person will get you a spot in the post season for sure.

Thats it for now guys I hope you enjoy the new website and RRL, I can answer any questions you may have.

Thanks Trev



We have cut the league off now to new members keeping it at 24 for Season 1.

With that being the case the playoff format is as follows:

Top 4 teams in each league will get a first round bye.

All other teams will play a Best of 5 first round.

All other series after the first round will be a best of 7 using the 2-2-1-1-1 home/away format.

All rotations for the 1st round will be used in association with the regular season.

All teams with a first round bye can reset their rotations to start round 2.


Its getting better but not quite there yet.

Currently, we have 2 owners each with 2 game Reportts that need to be filed.

I will email both shortly concerning this issue.

I have asked both in private messages if they made a mistake and don't have the stats we can reverse the information we have and get 90% completed.

The problem I have is its been 4 days now for the one person, and almost 10 for the other with no response from communication.

Fair warning if this is not correctly shortly they will be removed from the MOBL.

As stated earlier, I am taking a hard line on this.

Not having both Reportts (winner and loser) makes posting the pages on the site more difficult for me.


If people do not wish to do so then you will not be a part of this group.

Otherwise I think things are looking good for the MOBL towards the future when we can get maybe a secondary league and split people up by ability like we do in NHL.

Speaking of NHL, we are approaching about a month to go in the season there and this weekend we have told all of the NHL players to make sure you are available to play as much as possible as some people are behind our NHL Target for games played.

Once the season is completed there will be a 2 month period of just some general play in NHL over the summer so MLB will be the top focus.

Until then people playing both leagues are instructed to be actively playing NHL especially if you are below the target of games played.

That's it for now kids,



As I said earlier some adjustments will be added to any rule changes and you will be informed of them as soon as they are posted on the website.


Being a member in the MOBL requires you to do a game Reportt after every game.

This information was sent to everyone prior to the start of the season.

I am taking a firm stance on this and will continue to do so going forward.

Going forward it is mandatory all game Reportts are posted immediately at the end of the game.

If you forget and close the game Reportt off after filing you may use your opponents information and file the Reportt reversing hitting and pitching.

If you do have a missing game Reportt talk to Trev.

Lastily, if asked for a Reportt and you failure to respond after a reasonable period of time by filing the Reportt you will be removed from the chat and/or the league.


Happily we have 22 current members in the group.

Ideally for this first season 24 would be the perfect number and the league will be closed off to any new members until Season 2.

There is no doubt that we will be adding 2 more people to have an even 12 in each league.

In this scenario the playoff format will then have the top 4 teams having a first round bye in each league.

I will update this as we go along.



A few words about the MOBL and where we are headed.

The Major Online Basebal League is part of the Leaguesonline.Net Sports Video Game group.

The LON was started 5 years ago as a place where people could play sports video games with mature individuals in structured leagues,

We started playing the EA NHL game at that time and have continued tested out different methods of play.

Our goal has always been to get a larger group of players so we can have multiple leagues and players are placed in them based on gameplay ability.

Our NHL League now has 6 Versus Leagues, some EASHL play, and Ultimate League is opening up shortly.

In regards to the MOBL we are at Phase 1.

All of you are good guys who like to play the MLB game.

Just like you I hate the fact that San Diego Studios got rid of the online franchise mode.

NHL has gotten rid of it also and rumors are out there saying EA may do the same in Madden.

The focus of these companies is on Ultimate or Diamond Dynasty mode so that people spend money to but packs to get players.

That being said I think we have a good method of playing in a league format.

Some tweaks need to be made as far as getting the game closer to simulation play.

As an example I believe we need to possibly go to Hall Of Fame settings next season, as All Star seems a bit to easy offensively.

This is something we will look at once the season is completed. We will monitor the situation, and ask you for your input at seasons end.

Currently we have 21 players in the group and are looking to expand to 24 12 in each league.

If you have friends now is the time to have them join in.

The registration form is on the website just give them the link and to put your name down as a referral.

In closing, its all about having fun guys.

These early days remind me of when the NHOL started, but we have the advantage of having a system in place.

We will test some new things like a Rated Random League (RRL) for baseball also once the Versus 1vs1 League your in is set up.

Any questions please ask.

Sincerely, Trev



Season 1 is now officially open for play!

Please look over the Versus League Area on our website:


Everything is there, and if you see something that needs correction please speak up.

Any error in editing can be corrected.

First of all this is not life or death, its a video game.

People will make mistakes, lets use constructive corrections instead of taken offense about a misplayed bunt rule violation.

Also remember all teams make the playoffs.

Please consult the Rules and Setup Page on how to invite friends, and what setting you need to be at.

You cannot play against anyone in the league unless they are on your there is no searching for names in MLB like other games.

They must be on your friends list.

Here is the link to the team owners PSNs, please start sending those friends requests out.


I am waiting for 1 more person to sign up to make an even 20.

If additional people want to join I am capping things at a maximum of 24 teams 12 in each league.

If this season progresses well we can add additional players down the road.

Remember both teams must fill out the game Reportt, winners and losers.


In order to look over your team schedule just click any team icon listed on the page.

If you have any questions if I am not around just ask Anyone in the chatroom to help you out.I should be around by noon Sunday, please private message me any website errors on your schedule pages or anywhere else.

We will tweak some rule changes at some point, but a few of us have been in MLB leagues for quite awhile and alot of these rules are standard in the majority of MLB leagues.

Thanks Trev


Lots of new and old friends participated in a successful draft with a few more people to add we are are looking good !

Please look for an email tonight/or tomorrow regarding Schedule and Season Opener.




The random lottery for Season 1 took place last night and the results for tonight's draft are at the draft link listed below:


If you cannot be in the Groupme MOBL chatroom at 10 EST please reply to this email with a list of draft picks numbered down to your draft selection #.
Please do not have the 7th pick and send me a list of 2 teams.
If you are not in the draft room,and do not send in a numbered list you will be given 15 minutes from the time you are listed as "On the Clock" for a selection and dropped to the bottom of the list after the 15 minutes.

Once the draft is completed teams will be assigned to a 10 team league as we have 20 people.
I will try to keep teams in their respective leagues but if 11 teams are selected from lets say the National League and 9 from the American League then the 11th team will be placed in the AL.

All teams will make the playoffs.

The bottom 4 teams in each league will have a first play in round of a best of 5.
All playoff series after that will be a best of 7.

Please look over the game play rules:
A new game play settings pic will be posted in a few hours with the change of AllStar settings for Pitching and Hitting.
The rules here are used in the top MLB leagues throughout the world.

We will begin this first season using the All-Star setting for pitching and hitting with a possible change back to Hall of Fame next Season.

Once the draft is concluded I will put together the schedule which will be 4 games against your opoonents in your league 4x 2 at home 2 away, and 2 games versus opponents in the other league 1 home and 1 away.
Once the schedule is completed I will announce in the chatroom, and email everyone that the league is open for play.

That is it for now guys, I am sure you wil have questions please ask on Groupme. I will be around most of the day and night.




 Any questions or comments just email the MOBL Administrators at

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